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illinois poker sites 2014online poker sites illinoisUpdated In October, 2017 - I have lived in Illinois all my life, which is not something that I am particularly proud of. That will likely be changing though. Illinois is one of several U.S. states expected to legalize and regulate online poker and online casino gambling. The current online poker laws in Illinois are about the same as anywhere else. In 2014 though, Illinois is expected to legalize Internet gambling. It is unclear if this will include sports betting but real money casino gambling, bingo and online poker in Illinois are expected to happen this year. At the end of 2013 there were 3 US states with legal online poker sites; Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. The first two are so small that it really doesn't make a difference. NJ is the 11th most populous state in the USA but only people in New Jersey. can play at their licensed poker rooms online for money so millions of Americans are still gambling at the unlicensed poker sites and casinos. Illinois is the 5th most populous state but if only IL legalized online poker in 2014 that still wouldn't have a major impact on the online gambling market in America, even if it would be cool for me. Illinois is not the only state expected to pass pro online gambling legislation though. Both Texas and California - along with a handful or smaller states - are preparing to start offering Internet gambling. California, Texas and Illinois are the 1st, 2nd and 5th largest states, population wise. One in four U.S. citizens live in these three states so it WILL be a big deal, especially if any of them form partnerships. If CA, TX and IL formed a co-op and licensed poker sites that were available to players in all 3 states it would create poker rooms large enough to compete with the existing "under the table" poker sites open to IL citizens. Read this guide on online poker laws in Illinios in 2014 to learn more. I recently a guide on Illinois online gambling site law in 2014.

Here is the problem with the piece-meal approach to legal online poker in the USA. New Jersey. residents can currently play at Party Poker and Borgata Poker and NJ has a large population, nearly 9 million people. Party and Borgata are obviously well known brands but despite all of that there are only about a few hundred people playing there for real money during the busiest hours. Offshore Illinois poker sites like Bovada Poker accept players from all 50 states so they are able to boast 15,000-20,000 players logged in during peak hours. Who is going to play at an online poker room with hundreds of players when they can play at a much better room with tens of thousands of players? I'm sure the bulk of the people who play at these tiny licensed rooms mistakenly think that they would get into trouble if they played at an offshore poker site like Bovada Poker. No American has ever been arrested or even ticketed for play poker online for real money, even in the few states that have specific laws against it. The only real federal law that impacts online gambling in the USA is a banking regulation that prohibits banks from processing gambling related payments. The banks told the US government that there is no way for them to do that. Americans do have a more difficult time making deposits at online poker sites and casinos because credit and debit card companies like Mastercard decline many gambling related purchases. IL residents and Americans in general can still easily deposit money into and withdraw money from online gambling sites. Illinois poker sites like Bovada and Betonline Poker actually pay faster than the legal US poker rooms, but it comes at a cost. If you cashed out from Betonline on Monday using Moneygram or Western Union, you would usually be able to go to any Wal-mart, Currency Exchange, most banks or a million other places and have the money placed in your hand on Tuesday. These turbo cash-in-hand payouts have a fee starting at $20 though, something the legal poker sites don't charge. Or you can have the poker room Fedex/DHL/UPS you a check, which usually takes 5-10 days at most.

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There are hundreds of online poker sites for Illinois citizens in 2014 but only a few have the reliably fast payouts in 2014. Not surprisingly they are also the largest IL poker rooms so I generally only list them. They are two of the oldest US gambling sites online in 2014, both 13+ years. Another benefit to these two Illinois poker rooms is that they are also sportsbooks, horse betting sites and casinos, all rolled up into one. You can bet on sports, play poker, casino gamble and wager on horse races at both BetOnline and Bovada with a single account. Bet Online also has a live dealer casino, which is basically like playing at a live casino from your home via the use of webcams. Not to mention that all of the dealers are super-sexy. Residents of Illinois can easily deposit at either gambling site and as I said before they have many quick cashout options. They will also cover the fees on money transfer deposits above $300 and give you a free turbo cashout every month (worth $50). Use the links below to claim special bonuses at these leading, pre-regulation Illinois online poker sites.

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Illinois online casinos in 2014

Illinois has a number of brick and mortar casinos. I have went to the two Illinois casinos in Joliet several times but I prefer to play on the Internet for a number of reasons. My favorite table game is 3 Card Poker. At a live casino you are lucky to play 75 hands per hour. Plus the minimum bet ranges from $5-$20 at live casinos in IL. When I play at an Illinois online casino I can easily play 500 hands of 3 Card Poker or Blackjack or Roulette per hour. I can also bet as little as $1 per hand and in Roulette I can even place $.10 bets on single numbers. This allows you to do more in the same amount of time and get the most recreational value out of a small amount of money. Would you go to a offline casino with $10 to play table games? No, but when you play at one of the online casinos open to Illinois residents you can stretch that $10 out for a very long time, even if you are having a bad run of luck. Plus there is no variety at the live casinos in IL. They have a lot of machines but many of them are the same. IL's live casinos typically only have 3-5 active table games running. At an online casino accepting Illinois players there are 20-30 different table games. The IL poker sites listed above also have excellent casinos. The perks at these casinos are far better than the free lunch buffet vouchers I receive in the mail.

Attention - Try Out The Only Live Dealer Online Casino Available To Illinois Residents

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Betonline is home to the best live dealer casino in America. No computers are used. You can enjoy the benefits of online play while sitting at home. Plus, the dealers are very friendly. These games are running 24/7.

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The Illinois poker sites and casinos listed above are available to ALL Americans. I will update this site to include legal Illinois online poker rooms and casinos when new pro Internet gambling laws in IL are enacted, which is expected in 2014.